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Preparation Tips


Coming well prepared to your session is the most important part. Please feel free to read through these tips to better prepare yourself, and ensure the best possible outcome of your photos and experience.




 Everyone is different, so make sure to wear and bring clothing that best suites you.

Dress nicely; these are special photos we are going to create.

 If you bring different outfits, choose a few different styles (casual, dressy, etc.) mixing it up is always nice.

 Make sure to dress your best and put thought into your outfits.

 For couples and families, or any booking that consists of more than one person, make sure you coordinate your outfits, styles, and colors so they complement each other.

Always bring back ups just in case something doesn't work out.

Always have lots of options, you never know if you will end up changing your mind.

Make sure your clothing is clean, unwrinkled, and ready to go.

 Extra outfits should be brought on hangers (wrinkly clothes never photograph well).

 All clothing choices should flatter you so that you will enjoy the way you look. So make sure you've tried everything on and you really LOVE the way it looks.

 You can never have too many shoes so bring options.




 Having your hair and makeup professionally done is highly recommended; even if done up extremely natural it still adds that perfect touch before getting your photos professionally taken.

 If you’re going to do your own makeup for your session make sure it is well done (it really does make a huge difference).

 If you wear very little makeup take the extra time to make sure it’s done nicely.

 Breakouts and acne are completely normal for teenagers so don’t worry about that at all, it’s very easy to retouch.

 Lipsticks can be a lot of fun, so don’t be afraid to bring along your favorite color.




 Always make sure your eyebrows are groomed and looking their best.

 No chapped lips. Wear Chap Stick, lip gloss, lipstick or bring some Chap stick along to apply if your lips get dry easily.

 Nails should be polished OR completely unpolished.

 I would suggest NOT making drastic changes to your hair right before the session so that you know you will like the way it looks in photos.

 If you love your natural hair, rock it!

 Make sure your hair is brushed, combed, or styled exactly the way you want it to appear in photos.

I always recommend bringing a can of hair spray, just in case.

 Guys - make sure your facial hair is trimmed or shaved.




I LOVE accessories! They give that extra touch of personal style.

Fun accessories to think about - rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, anklets, body chains, hats, sunglasses, bags and anything else you can think of that you'd want in your session.

 If you can't decide on what pieces to bring just bring along a few and we can see what captures the best in photos.

Props are always welcome to go that extra step to make them even more, you!

If you love sports, music, dance, art, any kind of activity, or hobby you are more than welcome to bring anything along that you’d like (sports equipment, sports uniforms, musical instruments, dance outfits, art pieces or supplies). I would love to help make your personality shine in your photos.



Everybody wants to feel comfortable in front of the camera so I’d suggest practicing your posing before your shoot even if it sounds silly. It will be a lot more fun if you can open up and just be yourself. If we’re shooting a session of a family, couples, friends, or anything that relates to more than one person figure out what kind of things you would like to do together as a group. Practice some different poses and even some faces in the mirror; it will help you feel more confident and ready for your shoot. Of course, I will help guide you in any way necessary while we are shooting so don’t worry too much.


The biggest thing is to have fun, relax and be YOU! If you do those three things we can’t go wrong. I will make you look great and we will have a perfect session together.



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