Hi!  I'm Kayla. I am a lover of all things art, fashion, photography, and music, and any combination of the four!  I am a photographer, model, and mommy to a little girl who spends her days documenting, teaching, learning, growing, and loving.

      I love to be creative and innovative with my work. I am always trying new things, doing whatever it takes to get a good shot. I believe every person is different, interesting, and unique, that no two people or sessions are the same. I have recently transitioned into a documentary type of photography, hoping to capture all your emotions as you portray them. I love working with families & babies just as much as I love putting together a styled shoot, or a boudoir session. I love photographing life and the beautiful  people I meet along the way. 


     Thank you for your time, and for checking out

my new site. I hope to hear from you soon :)


Kayla Raine Armstrong







Kayla Raine Armstrong 

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